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Our mission at Little Saveraa is to empower the next generation through children's books, journals, and I AM cards. Encourage children with positive self-talk, self-love, self-worth, confidence and empathy. To empower them so that they may lead with love and kindness. Little Saveraa also provides resources for parents and educators to help empower and navigate the little adventures along the way. 

Welcome to the Little Saveraa family. 

Why Saveraa

Just like the rising sun that greets us each morning with its warming rays of light, Little Saveraa's books and products will help inspire and guide your child on a new beginning. Every morning is a new beginning, and each new day is an opportunity to start fresh. Each new day is a blessing. As we begin to feel gratitude for all of life's blessings within our hearts, we embark on a journey towards self-love, positive self-talk, self-worth, confidence, and empathy. 

About Author

Growing up, I was a shy and nervous child, and as I got older, I was in my mind constantly and became more anxious. Not dealing with the issue at hand, I went on for many years feeling this way. Thankfully, in my late 20s, I stumbled into mindfulness and gratitude practices which helped shift my perspective and helped calm the noise in my head.


Now, as an adult. I am motivated to help children with inclusivity, self-love, mindfulness, and gratitude from a younger age. By teaching children to be accepting and loving of themselves and their peers - I hope to create a better space for children in the classroom and at home. By teaching children practices of self-love, mindfulness and gratitude - I hope this will help children to know it is okay to find space and slow down to understand their feelings and emotions. 

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